School Values

At Taylors Hill Primary our School Values are Learning, Honesty, Integrity, Personal Best and Positive Relationships





Learning (noun):  The act, process, or experience of gaining knowledge or skill. Knowledge or skill gained through schooling or study.


We will ...

  • Attend school on time and be prepared
  • Focus and participate fully in learning activities
  • Complete set tasks
  • Ask for help when needed
  • Let others work without interruption
  • Value and learn from each other




Honesty (noun):  To tell the truth to the best of your knowledge and not hide what you know or think. To abstain from unfair behaviour, such as stealing or cheating on a test.


We will ...


  • Always tell the truth and be trustworthy
  • Treat others fairly and with respect
  • Return things that are not our own
  • Reflect on our own performance and be open to feedback




Integrity (noun):  Adherence to moral and ethical principles. Soundness of moral character.


We will ...


  • Adhere to our school Values and expectations
  • Take pride in our school
  • Make appropriate choices, even without supervision
  • Take responsibility for actions and accept consequences
  • Help others to develop positive attitudes towards themselves and others
  • Be safe and considerate of others and our community
  • Be responsible and care for personal belongings and school property




Personal (adjective):  Of, or peculiar to a certain person; private; individual. Done in person or by oneself without the use of another person or outside agency

Best (adjective):  Most good, kind, desirable, suitable; most excellent. Most advanced; most correct or complete. Utmost; highest endeavour or state.


We will ...


  • Attempt learning tasks to the best of our ability
  • Meet appearance and uniform standards
  • Demonstrate and monitor our own learning
  • Attentively listen to and follow instructions
  • Move safely through the school environment




Positive (adjective): Displaying certainty, acceptance or affirmation.

Relationship (noun): The condition or fact of being related, connected or associated. An emotional connection between people.


We will ...


  • Treat others with respect, courtesy and fairness
  • Listen to others and show ‘whole body listening’
  • Allow others to share ideas and opinions
  • Value and respect the strengths of others
  • Welcome and include others into our school, class groups, activities and games
  • Share equipment and spaces
  • Speak in an appropriate manner
  • Be a caring friend


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