Medical Action Plans

Your child’s health and safety is extremely important to us.  Therefore, we need to know about any medical conditions your child has.  Medical conditions, such as Anaphylaxis, Allergies, Asthma and Eczema can be very serious and may require emergency treatment while at school.  It is important that we have up to date information about the management of your child’s condition.


To help us provide the best medical care for your child, we request that you complete an Action Plan.  Action Plans can be collected from the office or downloaded from our website.  The Action Plan must be completed in consultation with your family doctor and should be returned to us as soon as possible.  This ensures we have up to date medical information for your child for the start of each school year.  Where no standard Action Plan is available for your child’s condition, please provide written information from a Health Care Professional detailing appropriate treatment.


You can access copies of Plans to be completed by clicking on the appropriate link below: 






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