21st Century Learning

At Taylors Hill we provide rich and supportive environments to develop our students into 21st Century Learners. Many of the jobs that your children will have when they are adults are not even created yet so it is so important for them to develop these skills so that they can transfer this knowledge into every aspect of their lives and become successful people. These skills are developed through rich Literacy and Numeracy experiences and are at the core of our teaching and learning programs.


We use a variety of tools and strategies to provide our students with opportunities to develop these skills. These include using apps to demonstrate and prove their thinking, flexible learning spaces to promote a variety of learning experiences, and individualised teaching and learning to target the needs of all students.


Taylors Hill Primary School seeks to develop the skills that will enable our students to participate successfully in a global community. Teachers will engage students in ways not previously possible. We aim for our students to become adaptable, effective and ethical users of technology to learn, create and communicate. Living in a rapidly changing world, the students of today will be faced with going into a workforce with jobs that do not even exist today. With this in mind, it is critical that we develop the necessary 21st Century skills our students need to cope with the changes that lay ahead for them in the future.


Taylors Hill Primary School provides a technology rich learning environment. A broad range of learning technologies are used in innovative ways to extend learning opportunities, enrich student experiences and improve learning outcomes. The use of technologies, such as our 1:1 iPad Program, iPad class sets and Interactive Whiteboards support learners to communicate, collaborate, think critically, access new knowledge, think like global citizens and ask inquiry questions.



1:1 iPad Program

Taylors Hill Primary School facilitates a ‘Bring Your Own’(BYO) iPad program for students in Years 4, 5 and 6. iPads and Apps can be used in educational settings as an annotation tool; to enable creation and composition; facilitate social networking; and provide rich tools to capture and edit video, audio and images.  The portability, flexibility, and natural intuitive interfaces make iPads ideal devices for students to develop their 21st Century skills, such as creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration.


Our 1:1 Program aims to:

  • Engage learners through innovative curriculum planning and implementation
  • Promote creative thinking through carefully selected and educational appropriate apps
  • Create problem solvers who find their own way to problem solve and create logical solutions
  • Encourage global citizens who initiate communication and collaboration
  • Support students to be independent and self directed learners

Click here to be directed to the: 2021 Grade 4 1:1 iPad Program Page of our website.


Refer also to our eSmart Page


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Classroom Helpers

The efforts of classroom helpers are highly valued at THPS, as opportunities for student learning are increased by the participation of understanding adults.

The Classroom Helpers Course is run at the commencement of each year.

Participation in the program enables helpers to understand the process of learning and therefore, be able to most effectively support students in classroom activities.

All classroom helpers are required to have a Working with Children Check

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