Physical Education

In Physical Education classes students learn about how being active helps to keep us healthy and happy.


Each week students will participate in a Physical Education class, developing gross and fine motor skills and ball handling skills.  Students participate in games and learn about following the rules and playing fairly.


The Physical Education program is aligned to the Victorian Curriculum and provides students with contemporary, challenging, enjoyable and physically active learning opportunities. It also provides the basis for developing knowledge, understanding and skills for students to lead healthy, safe and active lives.


During Physical Education lessons, students practise fundamental movement skills, explore how regular physical activity keeps individuals healthy and identify rules and fair play when participating in physical activities. As students progress with their learning they begin to use strategic thinking and strategies in game situations.


Students in upper grades have the opportunity to represent Taylors Hill Primary School in District Interschool Sports, Athletics, Cross Country and Swimming. Grade 2 students participate in an extensive swimming program facilitated by Paul Sadler Swim School.


Whole School Sporting Events

House Sports Carnival

Taylors Hill Primary has four sport houses; Loddon (Yellow), Calder (Red), Watervale (Blue) and Park (Green). Students have the opportunity to compete against other house teams playing games and individual competition events. The focus of these activities is on participation, fun and students trying their personal best.






Walking Group

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