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At Taylors Hill Primary School all students will participate in Visual Art for two terms and Performing Arts for two terms each year.


Visual Arts

Students express themselves through a variety of visual media.


In addition to learning about colours, textures, lines and techniques, they will also develop fine motor skills.


Visual Arts incorporates both art making and art appreciation. Our art space is a well resourced open learning environment where students engage in art for an hour a week for one semester. Students expand their creativity and imagination through a skills based Visual Arts program. This supports the process of art making and technique and develops children’s ability to use tools and materials correctly. Students experiment with a variety of media including painting, drawing, clay, textiles, printmaking, collage and construction. Students have access to a wide variety of high quality art books to help inspire their creations and help them develop their language centred upon the elements of art. Students are encouraged to critique artworks of Australian and International artists and share their thoughts, observations and feelings about art from a range of cultures and periods in history. We proudly display student artwork throughout the school and use our walkways as a gallery space for audiences to appreciate student creations.


2023 Art Show and Zine Fest

Read about the 2023 Art Show and Zine Festival Here 


And view the amazing photo gallery 2023 Art Show and Zine Fest 


Mother’s Day and Father’s Day 

Every year there are two special events on our calendar that bring families together. Our Mother’s Day and Father’s Day eventsg Nights provide the opportunity for children to invite someone special in their life and showcase their artistic talents.


Performing Arts

Students actively participate in Music, Dance and Drama activities.  They sing songs, play instruments, move to music and participate in imaginative play.


The Performing Arts room is a wonderful place where all students create, perform and respond to music, dance and drama. The large space is fully equipped with new instruments and props and has an outdoor and indoor stage for performances. For one semester per year, students engage in all aspects of Performing Arts during their weekly one hour lessons. Our program offers every student a creative outlet and nurtures their talents with ongoing opportunities to communicate their ideas creatively and artistically.



Students learn the basic building blocks of the elements of music and actively engage and participate in music making. They play percussion instruments and compose and perform musical arrangements. Students sing, write songs and perform in front of audiences. They are exposed to different styles of music from all around the world and music from different times and places.



Drama focuses on building confidence and developing fundamental skills in voice, creative exploration, movement, improvisation, communication, characterisation and acting. Students learn how to read and write scripts and to use props and costumes to bring plays and skits to life. Students have the opportunity to flourish when using their imagination and collaborative skills to perform everything from puppet shows to theatrical plays.



Dance and movement helps develop students’ spatial awareness and co-coordination. Students collaborate, listen to each other, choreograph, compose and perform both original and well known dance sequences. They explore the elements of dance through exposure to social and cultural dances from all around the world.



Singing Group

We have a fantastic singing group who meet once a week at lunchtime. Students from Grades 2 to 6 are welcome to join. It is a place where students who have a love of singing and performing can meet new friends and develop their singing skills. Singing Group often performs at school assemblies to entertain our school community and give a special performance at our Carols Concert.


Music Count Us In

Music Count Us In is Australia’s biggest school music initiative. It has run since 2007 and THPS has been a proud contributor every year. The program is all about celebrating the value of music education to students’ development right across our nation. Every year, we join other students from all over Australia to learn, rehearse and perform a song, on the same day, at the same time.  


Carols Concert

Our annual Carols Concert takes place in December every year. This school community event is a chance for all students to rehearse, choreograph, sing and perform a song of celebration to a wider audience. Students perform on stage with their peers and always do an amazing job of entertaining all the family members and friends who attend.


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Visual Arts Gallery

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