Student Leadership

At Taylors Hill Primary School we value student’s perspective, passion and interests. We encourage students to express their opinions and ensure they feel heard and valued. Our teachers work with Student Leaders to motivate them to play a vital role in shaping their learning experiences.

Our Student Leaders are encouraged and supported to develop a sense of vision and purpose as they take on further responsibilities. Student Leaders develop interpersonal and intrapersonal skills including, citizenship, communication, collaboration, negotiation and teamwork.

Throughout the curriculum and extra curricula activities all students at THPS are encouraged to develop the skills necessary to be a leader. This ensures that all students perceive themselves as leaders and have the opportunity and confidence to take on leadership roles.

At Taylors Hill Primary School we have formalised student leadership roles. Through their actions Taylors Hill Primary School’s Student Leaders reflect and demonstrate the School’s Values; Learning, Honesty, Integrity, Personal Best and Positive Relationships.


2019 Student Leadership


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