Privacy Information Collection Notice



PRIVACY INFORMATION (Collection Notice) for parents, guardians and carers



During the ordinary course of your child’s attendance at our school, school staff will collect personal and health information about your child, you and your family when necessary to educate your child, or to support your child’s social and emotional wellbeing or health in the school context. Such information will also be collected when required to fulfil a legal obligation, including duty of care, anti-discrimination law and occupational health and safety law. If that information is not collected, the school may be unable to provide optimal education or support to your child, or fulfil legal requirements.


For example, health information may be collected through the school nurse, primary welfare officer or wellbeing staff member. If your child is referred to a specific health service at school, such as a Student Support Services officer, the required consent will be obtained. Our school also collects information provided by parents, guardians and carers through the School Entrance Health Questionnaire (SEHQ) and the Early Childhood Intervention Service (ECIS) Transition Form.


School staff will only share your child’s personal or health information with other staff who need to know, to enable the school to educate or support your child, or fulfil legal requirements.


When our students transfer to another Victorian government school, personal and health information about that student may be transferred to that next school. Transferring this information is in the best interests of our students and assists that next school to provide optimal education and support to students.


In some limited circumstances, information may be disclosed outside of the school (and outside of the Department of Education and Training). The school will seek your consent for such disclosures unless the disclosure is required or permitted by law.


Our school values the privacy of every person. When collecting and managing personal and health information, all school staff must comply with Victorian privacy law. For more information about privacy including about how to access personal and health information held by the school about you or your child, see our school’s privacy policy at: www.



Throughout this notice, ‘staff’ includes principals, teachers, Student Support Service officers, youth workers, social workers, nurses and any other allied health practitioners and all other staff at our school. This includes employees, agents and service providers (contractors) of the Department or school council, whether paid or unpaid.


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